AdFarm winter wheat sold and delivered

Aneta, ND – Part the snow, bring in the vac, fill the trucks and drive down the road.

That was the process last week as the 2008 AdFarm winter wheat crop was delivered on January 28 and 29 to meet the contracted January 2009 delivery at Finley Farmers Elevator.

A North Dakota winter

AdFarm Cooperating Farmer Fred Lukens reports that the more than four feet of snow so far this winter and the abundance of below zero (F) temperatures are creating challenges in moving grain from his farm to the elevator. He says, “Our first rule for hauling grain is to look for days with no snowfall, little wind and temperatures above zero. We had seven days that met these criteria in the month of January. It was a challenge to get our January contracted grain delivered. First it took us five days to remove the snow so we could get to the 12 grain bins at three bin sites that were emptied for January delivery. Nearly all the snow removal was done on days well below zero. Thank goodness for tractors, cabs and #1 diesel fuel.”

More bushels

Lukens had estimated 4,500 bushels of AdFarm winter wheat in the three bins at the Erlandson bin site. The actual net bushels at the elevator were 4,754.98 bushels. This provided a respectable yield on the 70-acre AdFarm field of nearly 68 bushels per acre. With the yield exceeding projections, the protein was lower than required to meet standard protein requirements. The AdFarm winter wheat average protein was 11.7% compared to the winter wheat standard of 12% protein.

Low protein was a persistent problem in nearly all U.S. wheat growing areas, resulting in significant discounts for below standard protein. The discount of the 11.7% protein was 40¢ off the contracted prices of $8.54 (2,000 bu.) and $6.03 (2,754.98 bu.). The above-expected yield will make up for most of protein discounts.

AdFarm shareholders earn profit

With the above average yield and prices, AdFarm shareholders will once again earn a profit on their AdFarm North Dakota farm educational investment. Storage and snow removal costs will be above projections, but Lukens is confident that total costs of raising and delivering this crop will again provide AdFarm shareholders a nice profit. AdFarm shareholders will see final accounting at an upcoming shareholder meeting (to be announced), where they will also have the opportunity to sign up for the 2009 AdFarm North Dakota farm experience.