Canadian Food Freedom Day 2013!

Canadian Food Freedom Day 2013

Canadian Food Freedom Day 2013

Canada’s Food Freedom Day marks the date on which the average Canadian has earned enough money to pay their entire year’s grocery bill. This year, our Food Freedom Day will fall on Thursday, February 14, 2013.

The date for Food Freedom Day is derived through a simple calculation comparing Canadians’ disposable income with the amount they spent on food during the previous year. We reached Food Freedom Day early again in 2013, meaning Canadians benefit from one of the most affordable food systems of all industrialized countries.

Approximately 12 percent of our annual budgets as Canadians go toward food; only a few generations ago this was closer to 40 per cent. Farmers and supply chain dynamics keep food readily available and at a low cost for the vast majority of Canadians, so the day is a good one on which to thank a farmer and the one in eight Canadians who work in the agricultural industry.

“Food Freedom Day is a chance for us to consider how fortunate we are to be in a country dedicated to safe, efficient and fair food systems,” says Ben Graham, Managing Partner of AdFarm’s Canadian operations. “It also gives us a chance to reflect on how we can improve affordability and accessibility of food for those within Canada who fall below the average, and on a global scale.”

AdFarm encourages the public to support this day by voicing their support for Canadian producers and workers in the agricultural and food production industries, and by making food donations to those in need.

Do you stop to think about how farmers contribute to your affordable food?