Celebrate Agriculture’s Spirit of Giving

As we enter the heart of the holiday season, it’s always good to remind ourselves about what really matters. This time of year, many organizations are stepping up to help those in need, but I feel that few industries exemplify the spirit of giving quite like agriculture.

This business we are all a part of has a wonderful way of giving back to the community. Examples of these efforts can be seen in all directions. In recent years, the Ohio Pork Producers Council has had Pork Power: Partnering to Fight Hunger in Ohio. This is actually an on-going project, which helps feed Ohio families year-round! You can learn more about Pork Power: Partnering to Fight Hunger in Ohio here.

This holiday season, dairy farmers have partnered with Feeding America to run a new food security program for needy families. Nutritionists and food banks will work with farmers to incorporate healthy dairy products into meals for the hungry. Here’s a quick video with insight on this partnership between dairy farmers and Feeding America.

The Farm Journal Foundation is also doing great work to address hunger through the Farmers Feeding the World campaign. They work alongside organizations like Heifer International to encourage permanent hunger solutions, while also aiding immediate assistance and relief. They also provide educational material to help improve understanding of modern agriculture’s role in food security in North America and worldwide. To learn more about how Farmers Feeding the World addresses hunger, click here.

It isn’t just “adult” organizations that pitch in, either. In my FFA and 4-H days, we devoted a lot of energy to charitable causes. I can’t list how many coat drives, food drives, toy drives, and fundraisers I participated in to benefit those in need. Each and every one was a fantastic learning experience, and made a big difference to the individuals who benefited from them.

Now, I’m thrilled to work for a company that also lives by agriculture’s spirit of giving. Across our different offices, AdFarmers proudly participate in food drives. Our Guelph office “adopts” a needy family to sponsor for Christmas. AdFarmers contribute monetary donations to worthy causes. As an avid volunteer and a firm believer in improving the world around us, it’s an honor to work for a company that shares that passion!

As we continue to enjoy the holiday season, take a moment to express gratitude for what we have. I ask that each of us understand just how fortunate we are, for having access to our basic needs. And while you’re at it, take a moment to appreciate our strong agriculture trade here in North America, and that our industry is both stable enough and charitable enough to be a leading contributor to charity projects.

Happy holidays!