thinkAgribusiness, think AdFarm!

This week I was given the opportunity to work at the Ministry of Saskatchewan’s thinkAg Career and Education Expo. The event was held at the Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, Saskatchewan, and aimed to teach students about the variety of agricultural careers available to them.

I was running the thinkAgribusiness station on behalf of AdFarm. At my station students played the “AdFarming Game” in order to learn how marketing and branding can positively or negatively impact our choices as consumers, as well as on the way that food is produced. For the game students were placed into “farm families” and had to work their way around the game board, collecting or giving up money/resources depending on the marketing scenario they landed on.


It was great to see how engaged students were with the game. Groans could be heard when a student would lose a cow due to bad beef publicity, followed by cheers later on when the same student earned their social license to farm. The approximately 600 students in attendance came from a mix of urban and rural communities, and it was interesting to see their differing views of the game. Urban students thought that farming seemed fun after playing the game, while rural students wished it was that easy.


Overall, the whole event seemed to be well-received by students and teachers alike. Many of the students I spoke with had no idea that there were so many careers available to them in agriculture, proving that events like this are important to securing our future Ag workforce. Who knows, there may have even been a future AdFarmer in the crowd!