Youth Leaders Stop at AdFarm

By Nicole Youra

On Friday October 19th the Cattlemen Young Leaders joined AdFarm Calgary for dinner and a tour of “our farm”. The stop at AdFarm wrapped up the CYL’s Fall Forum. The 48 hours preceding the AdFarm stop had been spent touring many locations along the agriculture value chain. The 18 young leaders were back and forth from Lethbridge to Calgary touring everything from research stations, an animal nutrition center to the Cargill Foods processing facilities.

CYP visitors enjoy their visit to AdFarm Calgary.

CYL visitors enjoy their visit to AdFarm Calgary.

At AdFarm the young leaders joined us for dinner, Alberta Beef style of course, and heard from Kim McConnell on the importance communications and leadership. Currently, many industries going through growth and change, and nowhere is this more true than Agriculture. As technologies and industry pressures become more dynamic, the next generation of agricultural leaders has an opportunity to take leadership roles. They recognize and understand the duality of tradition & innovation and integrate seamlessly.

The dinner table discussion at AdFarm centered on industry current events and consumer education, the youth leaders had great insight to share, and it was clear the evening could’ve extended indefinitely. Although short, we are happy to have spent this time with CYL, and are proud to be a developmental part of the next generation of Agricultural leaders.