Under the hood:
Massive horsepower, standard.

Individually there are about 100 of us. Collectively we all share an unfailing interest in surrounding the problem and then rolling up our sleeves to solve it.

Our work sparks ideas, experiences, platforms and business models. We’re relentless about design. Selective about clients. And laser-focused on solutions. All of which means we’re fanatical about growing your business.


Smart, curious and passionate.

With decades of consumer advertising and business-to-business work as a foundation, we boast the most experienced creative teams in North American agribusiness. Our focus is on idea driven work that resonates with your audience. Our ability to understand the real issues of agriculture keeps the work relevant and our clients on top.

Direct Marketing

Right person. Right message. Right time.

We use database-driven direct marketing tactics (email, direct mail, targeted online media) to strategically deliver relevant, personalized content at the right time to enhance your marketing and sales processes.  Marketing automation optimizes lead generation, helps qualify and nurture leads and streamlines the lead-to-sales process – all while gathering insight into the ROI of each marketing campaign.


Informed by data and a little psychology, we invent, design and build digital solutions.

We know that digital is a part of everyone’s life. We use it to help build relationships through meaningful interactions – all while guiding companies through the fields of ever-changing technology solutions.

Market Research & Analysis

Always digging deeper.

AdFarm engages several layers of market research and analysis. We have an exclusive agreement with Street Smart for primary qualitative research. Our partnership with Street Smart dates more than 10 years on specific assignments related to brand assessment and brand building in North America.

Media Buying, Research and Analysis

Here, creative thinking gets applied to more than the creative.

Our core media team has more than 60 years of combined experience in all types of media – from traditional to emerging technologies. We have worked on all types of business, from all segments of agriculture, as well as consumer and business-to-business.

Public Relations & Social Media

Understanding agriculture is the hallmark of our public relations and social media team.

The PR and social media teams work to ensure that your target audience hears your key message from someone they trust. Whether it’s the media, legislators and regulators, bloggers and other social media personalities, or your own employees, we find and connect with the right influencers. We develop key messages that resonate and create opportunities for your brand to be part of your audience’s conversations.

Strategic Planning

A question well asked is a question half answered.

Strategic planning helps identify business and communications objectives, and then leads the entire team through the process of distilling insights and establishing a direction. Our strategic planners have experience in everything from consumer relations to brand evaluation and brand management. More importantly, AdFarm planners come with life and career experience in agriculture.