Case Study:

Famous Taste

The Challenge
The Alberta Beef brand had slipped in recognition, perceived value and drive-to-purchase. Health was the new focus of the grocery shopping crowd, and too often beef was not on their list. The Alberta Beef Producers needed to find a position that would re-ignite a love of beef with consumers, driving sales in the retail/grocery environment, and delivering the taste that research told us was the way to their hearts.

Famous Taste

The Results
Positioning on beef’s superior taste led us to develop the Famous Taste campaign. Our ultimate strategy was to deliver the superior taste message both in terms of brand impression and also in physical tasting spaces.

The campaign delivered a media mix that included a custom tasting trailer dubbed the Famous Taste Express. We hauled it to both retail and large, consumer driven events around Alberta. In 2012 we attended 12 events; in 2013 it grew to 17 sites in both Alberta and BC. By the numbers, the campaign was an overwhelming success which continues to benefit the Alberta beef brand at the checkout.

Custom Taste Trailer
In-store labeling
Public Relations
Web Site



Lift in beef sales at event locations



People who sampled from the Famous Taste Express



Digital Media Impressions