Case Study:

Compass Minerals Epub

The Challenge

Compass Minerals needed a sales tool for their reps and retailers– one that would provide easy access to the very technical data they generate about Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients. The request came with a need for the tool to be regularly and easily updated, ruling out a printed piece. When we looked into digital formats, app development proved costly and time consuming. A website-based answer was also ruled out due to ease of access: the data must be readily available in situations where Internet access is often spotty.

Compass Minerals Epub

The Solution

We identified the ePub as the answer. This easy-to-navigate and populate technology is typically used to produce digital books. It can house videos, expandable images, animated charts and graphics and downloadable PDFs. Ours was designed and built in a reasonable amount of time, is easily updated by the client at any time and the clients are already discussing more of these one-stop formats for more of their products.

 By the numbers, the Compass Minerals ePub is 29 pages of searchable content, including

  • 99 crop images
  • 10 videos
  • 9 testimonials with photos
  • 12 data charts and diagrams
  • 8 brochures and tech sheets, as downloadable PDFs
  • 11 quick-links to online research
Compass Minerals Epub