Case Study:



The main benefits of the new product are for agronomic challenges in plant nutrition that many growers and retailers in the industry were not aware of. Also, Nu-Trax P+ features unique fertilizer technology, which can be complicated to describe.


The “Be the Boss of Your Phos” message was tailored for various easy-to-understand and engaging campaign components, all of which contributed to educating growers and retailers on the current challenges of early-season crop nutrition and how Nu-Trax P+ works to overcome these challenges. Target audience was U.S. and Canadian fertilizer retailers and row-crop growers with 500+ acres.

Messaging focused on the product’s solutions to issues with phosphorus availability and its right blend of early-season nutrients for multiple crops. By placing emphasis on taking control of your farming practices and being the boss of your hard-to-manage phosphorus, the key message was intended to resonate well with the innovative, forward-thinking growers who are the key decision makers in their farming operations.

Launch tactics employed over 3 months included:

• Single and double page spread print advertisements
• Printed brochures
• Digital banner advertisements
• Custom e-blasts
• Custom text blasts
• Retailer and grower-focused webinars
• Website
• Unique 3-chapter online learning module
• Educational videos
• :60 US radio spots and :30 Canada spots
• Rural America Live TV sponsorship on RFD-TV
• Rural Radio Live sponsorship on Sirius 880
• Interactive brochure app
• Phos Boss kit
• News release
• NAFB Trade Talk radio interviews