Case Study:

Seed Hawk


Seed Hawk designs and builds the world’s most precise seeding equipment. By contrast their communications, while rich in content, didn’t always align with growers’ needs or the company’s business goals. To compound the challenge, Seed Hawk’s purchase by a global farm equipment manufacturer added a number of new products and even more information.

Seed Hawk

We took our lead from the technology and evolved the way Seed Hawk presented and delivered their product information. The all-important content was preserved but its presentation – largely online – changed greatly.

  • We focused on the products as brands, creating five separate but connected sites.
  • We made the sites responsive, to serve an increasingly mobile and tablet-based audience.
  • We based information architecture on user analytics, making most visited information immediately accessible.
  • We based the call to action on the clients’ business goals, making it simpler for growers to contact dealers.

Working with our clients, we also re-imagined their tradeshow experience. For a variety of spaces, we extended the theme of evolutionary technology while tapping into the clients’ considerable knowledge of visitor behavior. Changes reflected the way the brand looked and sounded in other tactics, while the booth spaces themselves became more functional.

Seed Hawk

The Results

At tradeshows, changes have been embraced by staff. They talk about the vast improvement to both traffic flow and customer engagement.

Although it’s still early in the life of the online initiative, we are encouraged by initial analytics and the positive feedback from Seed Hawk employees and retailers.

A large portion of traffic to the sites now comes from unpaid, organic searches. In addition, the Find a Dealer page is well used (this was a key requirement of retooling the old site) and the time visitors spend on sites has increased. Anecdotally, employees and retailers describe the sites as easier to use and the content as easier to understand.

Seed Hawk