Case Study:


The Challenge
At Merck Animal Health, the Zilmax brand had grown as flat as its sales. Product managers were charged with waking up this sleeping feed supplement, including renewing enthusiasm within the sales team for a product that still offers cattlemen a strong ROI. We knew that communications could help on two fronts: by bolstering internal confidence and by re-engaging the cattle production industry about the potential of Zilmax.


The Solution
Economics are a natural part of a product’s appeal to all cattle audiences, so we invented a one-of-a-kind, cattle-based economics system called Zilmanomics. The formula is simple and time-tested: Zilmax, used 20 days to finish adds 30 pounds of hot carcass weight. That’s a 2:1 ROI/bag of Zilmax.

Ads went in tier-one industry media outlets, complemented with advertorial placement. The collaboration of strategic marketing communications and strong efforts from the product manager and sales team produced an initial 45% sales increase, which is still rising. Internally, the success of Zilmanomics created renewed esteem, confidence and pride in the brand. Zilmanomics became a new way of doing business and a hero product within Merck Animal Health.

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