150 Reasons To Agriculture

It’s no surprise AdFarmers love agriculture. And chances are if you’re here, you love it too. We’re not just talking about singing your favorite country song in your car with the windows rolled down either. We’re talking full on, head over heels for agriculture. We eat, sleep and breathe it. Though we might not spend our days on a farm (but some times we do!) – we couldn’t be more proud of an industry built on innovation, community and long, hard days.


Take a spin through our 150 reasons we love ag here, or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see it happen in real time. We’re kicking this project off to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary and the very first Agriculture Day – but you better believe all seven of our North American offices, from Sacramento to Calgary, feel the same. We even designed our own AdFarm beers to celebrate – but that’s reason 151.

We <3 Ag.

We would love to share your reasons about agriculture too! To submit, just email pr@adfarmonline.dev.cc and we’ll do the rest.