150 Reasons We Love(ed) Canadian Agriculture

Well, we did it, and to be honest, it wasn’t difficult to come together and think of 150 reasons why we love Canadian agriculture.

This campaign is close to our hearts at AdFarm because it provided us with a way to combine Canada’s 150th birthday with Canada’s first ever Agriculture Day on February 16, while celebrating the industry that we’re lucky to get our hands dirty in, every day.


There were facts and statistics – exports, imports, acres, revenues and livestock counts – but there were also feelings. Notions of what makes the heart of Canadian agriculture thump. The stuff that drives the combine, delivers the calf, markets the grain, tirelessly innovates and leaves a legacy for the next generation.

Not that we’re surprised, but we learned that AdFarmers really love Canadian ag. We talk it, but we also walk it. We’ve taken ag programs in post-secondary education, we own shares in ag businesses and we farm and ranch. We love the bright yellow canola fields and the people and companies we get to work with. It seems we have all found something special about ag that makes it a part of who we are, regardless of whether we grew up hauling bales or not.

We received reasons from off our farm as well. People and organizations passionate about Canadian agriculture shared with us some of the reasons they love Canadian agriculture and why it’s the industry and lifestyle they chose. We agreed with all of them – of course.

You can see all 150 reasons #AdFarmLovesAg on our Twitter (@adfarmtweets), Instagram (adfarm) and our Facebook (AdFarm – The Watering Hole), or just search #AdFarmLovesAg on Twitter.

The campaign may be over, but if Canada’s last 150 years are any indication of the hard-working, persistent, relentless and resilient nature of agriculture, Canadian ag is just getting started. Happy 150th, Canada!