(Growing today's most successful agriculture brands along the way.)

Growing starts with knowing.

Come over to AdFarm, and take advantage of our life’s work—knowing how producers research, source and select inputs, evaluate equipment purchases, and engage in their commodity associations.

History shows, we can evolve your brand and increase your marketshare.

By sharpening your purpose and position, driving experience and engagement, and making deeper, more profitable connections.


Founded for the Purpose of Advancing Agriculture, AdFarm is a merger of the Parker Group and Fieldstone Communications (Calgary, 1984), and Flint Communications (Fargo, 1946). AdFarm today has offices in Calgary, Kansas City, Guelph and Fargo.


We grow and evolve with our clients. Today, we provide expertise in seed, fertilizer, livestock, banking, equipment, animal health, grain marketing, labor, youth, food, nutrition, safety and more—plus an ever-expanding range of marketing communications.

The Farmhands


"Agriculture strikes the perfect balance between independence and collaboration."

Ben Graham


"Hands in the dirt, drones in the sky – the landscape of ag is constantly changing."

Amanda Patterson

Director, Strategy & Marketing Science

"Agriculture has a ‘can do!’ attitude. And so do we."

Les Kahl

US Managing Partner/Global Creative Director

"I'm inspired to connect with the hard-working, entrepreneurial people driving agriculture today."

Julia King

Director, Client Services

"Inspiration. Farmers represent our greatest human endeavor."

Chris Forrest

Vice President, PR & Content

"Surrounding and defending our heroes. Who wouldn’t want to do that all day."

Glenn Dawes

Director, Brand Strategy

"My job and agriculture aren’t that far apart – at the end of the day, the numbers have to add up."

Jane Fuller

Director, Finance & Operations

Katie Samoleski

Director, Client Services

Mike Meadus

Executive Creative Director, Canada


From The Trough

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