September 25, 2019

Six ag influencers we love to follow

By Laura Bardot

Agriculture advocacy, or better known as agvocacy, is at an all-time high. Between the social media boom and agriculture becoming a mainstream topic, farmers, ranchers, producers, growers, communicators and just about anybody involved in the agriculture industry are taking on the task of spreading the good news and starting conversations about the industry that feeds, fuels and clothes the world.

Many people in ag have gained a loyal following on their social media channels. These ag influencers may not push the latest fad diet or gaming console, but instead they promote agriculture, educate farmers and consumers alike and much more.

The agriculture industry is diverse, not only with its products and innovations, but also its people. From generational farmers to first timers, these six accounts certainly won’t disappoint you.

Three Canadian influencers

John Kowalchuk – As a Twitter savvy grain farmer, this Albertan knows a thing or two about advocating for agriculture. John shows the internet how wheat and soybeans are grown through humorous tweets and sunset pictures. John regularly interacts with other farm and ag influencers, and on a good day you can catch a funny Twitter conversation and maybe even learn a thing or two. For a good laugh and a little education, follow John at @KowalchukFarms on Twitter.

Megz Reynolds – Life sure is busy for this farmer, between being in the combine cab to parenting two little girls. Her Instagram is full of positive messages, gorgeous views from around her farm and countless ag facts. Her Twitter is no different, Megz serves a voice for Canadian agriculture. She is certainly one you’re going to want to follow on Twitter, @farmermegzz, and Instagram, @nuttmegzz.

Andrew Campbell – His Twitter bio says it all, “Proud to show off where your food comes from.” Andrew is a proud producer of Canadian milk and Ontario grains. His Twitter and Instagram are flooded with ag facts, daily farm life and the occasional barn cat or two. This podcast host serves up the truth about farming in his talk show Food Bubble. For more fun facts and a look into farm life, follow Andrew at @freshairfarmer.

Three U.S. influencers

Jay Hill – Jay is a specialty crop producer with operations in west Texas and New Mexico. He shares all aspects of his life, both on and off the farm. From posting pictures of his family to how his crops are planted and harvested, Jay doesn’t hold back being a positive voice agriculture. You can follow along Jay’s journey at @hilljay45 on Instagram.

Zach Johnson – Also known as the MN Millennial Farmer. Zach is a fifth-generation family farmer from west central Minnesota. From his YouTube bio, he says “The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of ‘misinformation’ has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised.” He shares all aspects of his life including daily chores, harvest and family life. If you like to see videos of farm life and how a millennial farmer works, subscribe to Zach’s YouTube channel @MillennialFarmer.

Meredith Bernard – This Farm Wife shares the ins and outs of what it is like to be a farmer’s wife. From some Monday motivation to real insights on tractors breaking and kids running around, Meredith shows it all on her social media. This North Carolina gal rolls out videos and Instagram posts for all her followers to get insights on rural life, farming and parenting. See what she shares on Instagram and YouTube at @thisfarmwife.

AdFarm influencing

Influencers advocate for agriculture by sharing their unique experiences in their unique voice, which resonates with their following. As catalysts for the evolution of agriculture and agri-food, AdFarm is constantly working to build relationships to connect our clients with key influencers, helping our clients reach their audiences in new ways. Our focus is always on the shared values that sit at the heart of agriculture. It’s through those shared values that we can create deeper and more meaningful engagement.

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Laura Bardot is a PR and Content Specialist for AdFarm. She is a fifth-generation farm kid with a profound enthusiasm for the Midwest, cattle and Texas Red Dirt music.