September 17, 2019

Grow it. Make it. Sell it. Eat it. Got questions? Good.

Nourish Network powered by AdFarm launches in North America

By Chris Forrest

As Rob Saik so clearly articulates in his new book Food 5.0, one of humanity’s greatest challenges and opportunities in the coming years will be in finding smarter and more sustainable ways to produce food to feed a growing global population. In fact, by 2050 all countries will need to increase food production by 60 to 70 per cent.

“I have worked in agriculture my entire life,” writes Saik, “and despite the great challenges I see in the future, I also see great opportunities.”

Oh we certainly have the tools, the talent, and the emerging technologies to get the job done. But along the way we can’t forget to create and maintain open channels of communication and offer full transparency to consumers. We can’t take trust for granted. So many industries have learned this the hard way.

It is AdFarm’s ceaseless mission to drive the evolution of agriculture by providing more opportunities to connect those who work hard to produce high-quality food with those who have questions about production methods. As experts in agricultural communications and marketing, our hearts and minds have always been focused on supporting farmers so they can continue to earn a living by operating sustainably and with pride, as they have done for generations. We know farmers, we know farming, and we’ve also increasingly come to understand the complexities of the food supply system when “local” or “organic” means something different to everyone.

We see where our world and our work is headed, and that’s why we’ve added significant weight to our food and beverage expertise by teaming up with Nourish Food Marketing, Canada’s only full-service marketing agency working exclusively with food, beverage and agricultural clients. We’re joining forces to create North America’s first agri-food platform to better serve clients at all steps of the food supply chain.

The Nourish Network powered by AdFarm bridges the gap between agricultural producers and consumers with its full-service agri-food platform, offering clients fully integrated strategy, branding, packaging, public relations, and go-to-market services across North America.

“The journey from field to fork has never been shorter, nor have consumers ever demanded more transparency,” says Ben Graham, AdFarm’s president and lead farmer. “We’ve seen a significant shift in how involved people want to be in the journey of their food. Today’s consumers are making choices not only on taste, quality and price, but increasingly also on how the food was produced.”

The vast majority of farmers are eager to communicate that they are producing safe, healthy and nutritious foods, Graham adds, but they often lack the tools or time to do so effectively.

“Complimented with a population of consumers eager to learn and understand more about food production, we’re left with clear opportunities to facilitate the connection – and creative ideas from both members of this partnership on how to make it happen,” Graham says.

Jo-Ann McArthur, president of Nourish Food Marketing, says it best: “All food is created along a shared continuum: grow it, make it, sell it, eat it. With our agencies coming together under the Nourish Network brand, we bring complementary competencies to the table, offering clients deep knowledge in one stop with boots on the ground across North America.”

The annual Nourish Trend Report provides industry-leading and heavily quoted insights into consumer attitudes toward food and food production. The Nourish Network services clients across North America and Europe, with offices in Calgary, Fargo, Guelph, Kansas City, Montreal, Toronto and satellite offices coast to coast.

We know the challenges ahead are significant. But just like farmers, AdFarm has never backed out of a challenge since our doors have been open. We’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and doing some great work with our friends at Nourish Food Marketing.

A lifelong storyteller, Chris Forrest is a reformed journalist who still places who, what, where, and why at the heart of his work.