The AdFarm Approach

Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning is the starting point for developing a truly great brand. AdFarm employs a distinct strategic planning process designed to generate high-value insights that lead to impactful plans, campaigns and tactics. AdFarm has a roster of strategic planners on staff with significant experience in production, sales and distribution, consumer relations, manufacturing, trade, finance, media and media relations, brand evaluation, and brand management. All AdFarm strategic planners are employees of the organization; however, AdFarm does at times call on an extensive network of industry contacts for additional insights and information.


AdFarm believes that the planning process is key to our business and to our clients. Strategic planners will work with the agency team and you to clearly identify business and communications objectives, then lead the planning team through the process of distilling insights and establishing campaign direction.  Strategic planners will work with the agency team and you to clearly identify business and communications objectives, then lead the planning team through the process of distilling insights and establishing campaign direction. We start by gathering critical information about your business. We do this through:

• Meetings and conversations with your team, stakeholders and customers
• Analyzing your business units and objectives
• Reviewing current or past market research that might be available and, if required, initiating additional research


From this, we distill the information to uncover the key insights that will drive the “The Big Idea,” which informs the  communication channels, tactics and our roadmap – the  communications plan, creative brief, budgets, work orders for execution and measurement.

Account Management & Client Services

Account management is the core function of all AdFarm teams, serving as an anchor point for the client relationship and acting as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams. AdFarm account managers have an entrepreneurial view of our clients’ businesses that allows for a deeper understanding of how and where we can add value and deliver against our clients’ objectives.


AdFarm account managers maintain regular client interaction, assure quality and accuracy of campaigns, monitor the competitive environment, maintain engagement with relevant markets, and lead insight generation for the client and agency. They lead the agency team and represent the voice of the client customer and also serve as a critical checkpoint for message accuracy and tactical consistency to bring cohesion within a campaign. Additionally, they monitor fiscal accuracy to ensure all campaigns and deliverables are on budget and on time.


AdFarm account managers strive to present effective business solutions and deliver consistent, faultless execution to build the level of trust that results in collaborative communication and relevant innovation.

Quality Control

Before anything goes to a vendor, we take extra time and care to ensure exceptional end products beyond meticulous proofreading, extensive digital testing and multidiscipline sign-offs. Our QA process includes every designated role and testing measure possible for any medium requested. Whether it’s a web-based build, email send, traditional print ad or multimedia video or audio piece, you can rest assured many sets of eyes will see your tactics through. And when it comes to web, we consider no website complete and implement regression testing after all major website updates. Just like the farmer, we prefer to get things right the first time. Like a Pioneer dealer, we are sure to check in at every step of the process.

Creative Development

• Advertising – broadcast, online/interactive and print
• Brand development
• Concepting and strategy
• Integrated campaign management
• Production/fulfillment


AdFarm boasts one of the most experienced creative and production services teams in North American agribusiness. With decades of consumer advertising and business-to-business work as their foundation, the AdFarm team is regularly awarded in both the United States and Canada. Collectively, the group’s history represents a who’s-who of North American creative and strategic consumer agencies and industries. AdFarmers have worked on airlines, beer  brands and hotel chains, but agriculture is the preference.


More importantly for Pioneer, AdFarm’s creative experience is growing and shifting to the digital world. The work produced depends on the problem we need to solve. To date, it has spanned everything from broadcast pieces and  print ads, to interactive tradeshow booths, website builds and virtual reality plot tours. AdFarm is particularly proud of its high standards in writing, art direction and design.


It all begins with understanding a client’s brand standards and non-negotiables. Then, we take into account the task at hand and strategy put for by our strategy and account leads. Once an objective is determined, the AdFarm creative team brainstorms any number of ways to approach the challenge. Although we operate in one industry, the creative  possibilities are endless from brand to brand. You’ll get the “out there” ideas and the safe ones, but it will all be in-tune with the well-established, core traits of the Pioneer brand.


At the beginning of every project, we meet with key stakeholders to discuss the project scope and identify business objectives. After we identify the business objectives as well as the strategies and tactics to achieve those  objectives, AdFarm ensures that measureable key  performance indicators (KPIs) are properly tracked.


Within custom campaign dashboards, we include the results of online media, social media and traditional media and tie our marketing efforts back to website activity and KPIs. By encompassing all campaign activity and results, the dashboard creates a comprehensive picture for  campaign optimization so that we can determine what efforts are meeting the overall objectives.


The reports combine data from each effort used in the campaign, and can be provided monthly, quarterly or at a specific timeframe determined by the campaign goals. To optimize the campaign, each report will include recommendations from AdFarm and the data supporting these recommendations. After implementation and during reporting, it is important to maintain and refine the plan as the business objectives and digital landscape continue to evolve and new marketing efforts are executed.


Your media plans are continually monitored, and as new data is made available, all actionable data is considered. CRM data can also be monitored and media adjusted accordingly. Print tear-sheets and broadcast affidavits as well as online activity are monitored for quality, positioning and guarantee of performance.


We work in a variety of website analytics programs, focusing on Google Analytics, but support the preference of our client. We also leverage a variety of visualization tools as we understand the value not only of a dashboard, but  variations to support every level of the business. Website metrics are set up to achieve the overall objectives and these are included in the campaign dashboard. We also set up URL tracking to enable the team to drill results down to specific executions, channels or customer paths – demonstrating where the budget online is spent the most efficiently.