What makes a great agency partner?

We define a partnership as a shared vision of growth and success – whether that’s measured by KPIs (key performance indicators), sales penetration, client satisfaction or an increase in brand awareness. Will you allow us to challenge you to reach higher? Will you push us to do the same? It all boils down to trust and reading the same road map, especially when you’re driving deeper into the heart and soul of agriculture; Or looking long. We also know that providing an elite product along with great customer service solves just about everything.

We truly believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of any good agency partnership. We don’t just say it, we live it every day. We are committed to ensuring a smooth agency transition and we would start by embedding staff on our dime within your organization to ensure a healthy, long term relationship. But it all falls apart if you don’t have a deep knowledge of the industry you love and live in every day. Agriculture, and especially the seed business, is one of the most complex industries in the world, and you need a great partner who understands that.