At AdFarm, our focus is 100% on agribusiness, rural development and agri-food. So it’s pretty clear, to us at least, the growth opportunity that lies ahead for agriculture in Saskatchewan and the leadership role for SCIC includes:

  1. Expanding the definition of risk management beyond crop insurance; and
  2. Leading Canadian agriculture in the adoption of risk management as a positive tool for growing diversity, inspiring innovation and improving productivity.

SCIC needs to step into the spotlight as Canada’s premier business risk-management leader and help farmers and ranchers understand and use risk management as the fundamental tool for growing agriculture.


Because we will:
1. Help you pivot your purpose, position, strategic brand and specific messaging to become more visible to the targets that matter most—today and tomorrow.
2. Enhance the clarity and impact of your marketing communications, so that understanding and uptake go up while myth-making goes down.
3. Combine your customer-service abilities and your vast amount of crop insurance data to create a powerful SCIC experience hub for Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers.
4. Drive it like we own it—because advancing agriculture is our purpose, too.


Because we know:
1. How to help SCIC take advantage of the incredible changes in agriculture that are impacting risk management.
2. That SCIC currently reports 75% market share in crop insurance—but that the market is changing fast due to multigenerational shifts and advancements in technology and data capture.
3. That seed retailers, breed associations, brokers and processors are key influencers with direct access to your customers.
4. How to help you effectively retain, upsell and integrate your customers through SCIC products and services.
5. How to design and promote a 360-degree ‘hub-based’ planning cycle for Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers—to create a leading customer experience.