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The California Ag Leadership Foundation (CALF) requires that each class that participates in the program complete a class project. The projects underscore lessons that Ag Leadership strongly encourages – giving back, stepping up, demonstrating collaboration and leadership, and making a difference.

CALF’s Class 44 decided to focus on agricultural education for its class project. With guidance from the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC), class fellows supported the idea to create a visual website resource that educates young people about how agriculture is connected to their food. CALF 44 then retained AdFarm to assist in developing the website and its content.

Mr. Ray and Sprout take kids on a tasty adventure as they learn about plants.

The website,, is now incorporated into the CFAITC lesson plan about edible plant parts. Along with the lesson plan, the website highlights all of the edible parts of a plant: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds. Through hands-on activities, students can discover the different plant parts, their nutritional value, and how to include fruits and vegetables into their daily meals as part of a healthy diet. Students also learn about California agriculture and the people who grow food. The entire site is animated and students can scroll through the site at their own pace – either on their own or with assistance from a teacher or parent. Additionally, characters act as guides to give users something to relate to that carries through the whole story.

Reach: 1,600 teachers and 32,000 students