Life's Simple Ingredient Campaign

  • Website Development
  • Video Development
  • Social Media

Life’s Simple Ingredient is a consumer-facing campaign focused on bringing back the positive perceptions and feelings around wheat and wheat consumption in Alberta. Research was conducted to explore consumer perceptions of wheat and the wheat industry in Alberta, with findings showing that perceptions are predominantly positive, but had room for improvement. In order to foster this positive perception, the campaign strives to provide consumers with reasons to continue to feel good about eating Alberta wheat.


Research showed that primary food purchasing decisions in Alberta are predominantly made by women. These are the decision makers and the influencers of diet at the family dinner table. The trends they follow and the information they seek will either drive consumption, or fuel skepticism. With this knowledge our primary target audience is women, age 27-40, who are the primary grocery shoppers in their family.

Our secondary audience is influencers who play a role in influencing our primary audience members. We broke them up into three tiers based on research indicating where our primary audience is getting their information from and who they view as most trustworthy. The first tier includes bloggers and dietitians, the second includes relevant industry and commodity associations, and the third tier includes chefs, bakers and growers. By partnering with these influencers we can leverage dissemination of our message to our primary audience.

Brand Characteristics

The Life’s Simple Ingredient logo is playful and uplifting thanks to its hand-drawn look, while the differently sized and offset characters add personality. The head of wheat as an apostrophe also lends a sense of fun, while reminding people that wheat is the driving force behind Life’s Simple Ingredient. The yellow in the logo is cheerful and reminiscent of the item it represents: wheat.

All photography chosen to represent the campaign embraces a feeling of “light” and uses photos that focus on wheat and flour as the major ingredient, along with people making their food or enjoying wheat products in active endeavors.

Campaign Execution

The campaign launched April 2017 and included the creation and launch of a Life’s Simple Ingredient website, videos, paid media spots, social media channels and response protocol while engaging in relationship building with the media and influential partners. Highlights of the campaign include:

  • More than 1.6M total impressions from paid and organic social efforts in under a year
  • More than 1,100 combined followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • More than 30 unpaid media mentions
  • More than 42,000 website page views
  • Pre-roll videos for the campaign have achieved more than 380,000 completed views at a very high 70% completed view rate
  • Digital display ads have achieved 1.9M impressions
  • Influencer blog posts and social media promotion has delivered 5.5M impressions