How do you successfully launch a new seed company? With impact

  • Launch Strategy
  • Event Coordination
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Website Development

Welcome to the world of 500% increases in website traffic and session visits.

The business of seed has remained largely the same over the years. Adfarm was tasked with positioning Brevant as a different kind of seed company. Our solution began with distilling the Brevant brand into a simple thought: Brevant is science working hand-in-hand with nature to create products that help farmers.


Our strategy was to build excitement of a new seed brand entering the marketplace and communicate what differentiates Brevant seeds from competitors: industry-leading seed genetics that are all locally tested so farmers can be confident they will perform. The campaign launched nationally and with regional specific tactics to support Brevant seeds sales targets during prime selling times. This included both a national mass media launch and regionalized campaigns

Brevant seeds is different, new, young, tech-savvy, and bold so stunning agronomic visuals provide strong support for Brevant seeds positioning.

The creative concept of ‘Brevant world’ needed to speak to the national Canadian seed market as a whole but also have the opportunity to be customized regionally (Western and Eastern Canada) due to a different seed portfolio offerings in those areas.

Enter the world of Brevant seeds. A place where tired, old standards are laid to rest and exciting new business practices are put into play. This world is exciting, modern and almost fantastical. Almost. In the world of Brevant seeds, the grass is just a little bit greener, the air a bit fresher. This is a world where you feel the confidence and support to do your job right. Because the world of Brevant seeds is more than just seeds.


The creation of the World of Brevant, started with a concept of a lush world with ideal growing conditions. To accommodate a diverse national audience with different crop specific interests, a :45 second animated video was developed, where unique video elements could be used for all campaign tactics. Working closely with Tendril studio, AdFarm meticulously evolved the World of Brevant into a living, breathing ecosystem. Macro imagery was fleshed out to become sprouting canola and soybeans. A fantastical seed was created to reveal the World of Brevant and invite people in.

Pre-roll video, radio, direct email, and a teaser print and digital campaign were deployed to launch the new brand.

This campaign was developed for the Canadian marketplace exclusively, but since launch, other Brevant seeds countries through Corteva Agriscience have requested to adopt and use the campaign creative in their countries as well.

Results performance metrics from July 17 – August 31, 2018 (compared to legacy Dow/DuPont seed web properties from July 17 – August 31, 2017):

  • # of site sessions: +542.5%
  • # of users: +418.5%
  • Average session duration: +457.3%