Compass Minerals EPub is one cool tool

  • Mobile Development
  • Education
  • Branding
  • Mobile
  • Sale Team Engagement

Our cool, new Compass Minerals ePub solves the need for a sales tool for their reps and retailers – one that provides easy access to the very technical data they generate about Wolf Trax Innovative Nutrients.

In fact, we designed it to be easily updated by the client at any time, and the clients are already discussing more of these one-stop formats for more of their products.



Four product brands, one purpose-built tool.

This easy-to-navigate and populate technology is typically used to produce digital books. It can house videos, expandable images, animated charts and graphics and downloadable PDFs.

By the numbers, the Compass Minerals ePub is 29 pages of searchable content, including:

  • 99 crop images
  • 10 videos
  • 9 testimonials with photos
  • 12 data charts and diagrams
  • 8 brochures and tech sheets, as downloadable PDFs
  • 11 quick-links to online research