Crack'd YYC Cracks Calgary's Top 10 Food Trucks

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  • Public Relations
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Serving farm fresh eggs to Calgary consumers. And connecting egg farmers in a way that’s on trend and transferable to other foods.

Forget farm to food. How about farm to food TRUCK?

This project demonstrates a new way that commodity organizations are connecting with consumers and making a link with the farmers who produce their food. It’s an innovative partnership between a commodity organization and local food truck chef. It builds on the food truck trend as a unique way to connect with consumers. And the model is transferable across any food commodity.


Create a direct connection between consumers and egg producers in Alberta to build social license and strengthen public trust that the general public have in our food system.

Client challenge

Egg Farmers of Alberta faced budget limitations as not-for-profit, and restrictions on the ability of the organization to own or operate a food truck.


Food trucks are great way to connect directly with consumers – and offers an opportunity for a conversation and interaction. The model for getting this off the ground was a creative way for Egg Farmers of Alberta to take part without taking on the operation of a food truck. The organization provided startup funds for a food truck operator to get it going. This project built on the success of the Egg Farmers of Ontario sponsorship of a food truck – demonstrating cross collaboration between provincial commodity groups.


We started with one city – Calgary – to launch the newly branded Crack’d YYC egg food truck. A chef was chosen, local Alberta eggs were sourced, and the launch was supported with media and public relations. This approach provides a scalable model that can be expanded to other geographies with a simple tweaking of the branding.

A special pre-launch event hosted food influencers, media and egg farmers at a local Alberta egg farm – Brandt Colony, south of Calgary – where attendees enjoyed an exclusive taste of the new local, fresh egg menu.


Crack’d YYC launched in Calgary in March 2018 with a remote radio segment on Calgary’s X92.9 radio. Since then, the food truck is often seen on the Calgary food truck scene and is one of the top 10 trucks in Calgary. Egg Farmers of Alberta use the truck at outreach events to connect egg farmers directly with Calgary consumers.

And one more thing

Every commodity in Canada is using storytelling in some form to link food producers with food consumers. These stories – and the faces behind the food we eat – are critical ones for the agri-food sector to create and share, as information and decisions about this sector are increasingly influenced by policies and regulations created far from the farm gate.