License To Farm

  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Issues Management/Crisis Communications
  • Campaign Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Site and Social Media Analytics

“License to Farm” is a 30-minute documentary film featuring conversations with farmers, scientists, professors, consumers and environmentalists on the importance of earning social license in agricultural production. The film explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture production in Canada, while empowering farmers to stand up and advocate for their social license to farm … but it quickly became more than just a film. As an agency in the agriculture industry, we constantly see the need for improved communication between food producers and consumers – so we jumped at the chance to help SaskCanola share their message.

More than 2 million impressions across all social channels.

AdFarm got to work on branding the film, from the name “License to Farm” to the creative materials and all platforms including the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Along with the web and social platforms, we exclusively conducted media relations work and assisted in event planning for the film’s premiere. We gathered social media analytics, monitored the number of views the film received on YouTube and compiled all of the unpaid media coverage the project received.

  • More than 2 million impressions across all social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • More than 130,000 film views on YouTube since the upload date of January 15, 2016
  • More than 48 unpaid media mentions, garnering 83.3 percent in media relations rating points
  • Update on our social media numbers as of March 2018:


  • Twitter: 3,783 followers
  • Facebook: 2,031 likes
  • Instagram: 882 followers
  • YouTube: 481 subscribers
  • MailChimp: 254 subscribers



  • 144,927 channel views (all videos + trailer)
  • 60K+ website views
  • 130,000 views of the full-length film
    • CPRS Bronze Award of Excellence 2016 – Advocacy and Social Marketing Campaign of the Year
    • Seven Best of CAMA 2016 awards:
      • Winner: Crisis Communications, Issues Management, and Government Relations
      • Winner: Video targeted to external audiences
      • Winner: Total Campaign $100,000 or less
      • Certificate of Merit: Social Media
      • Best of Show: Public Relations Programs
      • Best of Show: Marketing and Communication Campaigns
      • Best of Show: Electronic Media




Both ad hoc and secondary research was completed for this public relations project. Casual research was a major source of information because as an agriculture-focused agency, AdFarm has extensive experience in utilizing communication initiatives to further the relationship between agriculture brands and consumers. Brainstorming among AdFarm employees and industry experts was completed in order to gather insight. Secondary research was done by examining a recent report compiled by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada titled Modern agriculture and agriculture awareness focus groups.

Target audience:
Based on the results of this research, we determined that Canadian farmers were the target audience. This is because the overall goal of “License to Farm” is to inspire farmers to start having conversations about food production with consumers and advocate for their social license to farm.

Analysis, planning & strategy

From the research conducted and the identification of the target audience, AdFarm was able to determine goals and objectives for this public relations project.


To create the opportunity for dialogue between Canadian farmers and consumers.


  1. To have an effect on awareness among Canadian farmers, specifically to create understanding about the disconnect that exists between those producing food and those consuming it, by reaching 100,000 people across all channels within four months of social channels going live.
  2. To have an effect on acceptance among Canadian farmers, specifically to create interest in starting conversations about food production with consumers, by enlisting 5,000 positive reactions (likes) across all channels in two months following the film’s launch.
  3. To have an effect on action among Canadian farmers, specifically to empower them to advocate for their social license to farm, by garnering 2,500 positive shares/retweets/comments in two months following the film’s launch.

Key messages:

  1. It is crucial for the future of agriculture in Canada that industry members – particularly farmers – take a seat at the table when it comes to conversations about food.
  2. The “License to Farm” program is designed to give farmers the tools and information they need to continue to earn consumer support and strengthen relationships with the people who eat the food that they produce.
  3. Social license is about the end customer understanding and feeling confident in the methods used to bring food products from the farm to their plate, and it is imperative that the farmer’s voice and perspective is heard in these discussions