Compass Minerals Nu‑Trax P+

  • Product/Sales Marketing

Compass Minerals partnered with AdFarm to launch the company’s new phosphorus-based fertilizer technology, Nu-Trax P+, in the U.S. and Canada. The launch needed to educate both ag retailers and growers in a short amount of time on rethinking their approach to delivering vital phosphorus to crops.

The objective of the launch was to position and demonstrate why Nu-Trax P+ was a superior phosphorus fertilizer compared to traditional sources. Our approach was to:

  • Educate on phosphorus availability and the benefits of phosphorus for early-season plant growth.
  • Focus consistent messaging on the technology features that deliver early-season growth and the economic benefits of Nu-Trax P+ compared to traditional phosphorus fertilizers.
  • Leverage field-trial data to build credibility within the fertilizer market and create awareness of Nu-Trax P+.

AdFarm developed the “Be the Boss of Your Phos” campaign to align with and reinforce the unprecedented control that Nu-Trax P+ provided growers over the availability of this critical nutrient. We delivered the memorable and attention-getting messaging through an integrated campaign that included print and digital advertising, email marketing, radio/Sirius XM advertising and sponsorships, SMS text alerts, webinars, video development, and an RFD-TV sponsorship. We also developed an e-learning tool that provided an engaging platform to deliver research and field-trial information to both growers and retailers.

Results for all media were tracked quarterly to monitor reach and engagement. Digital ads performed at nearly twice the industry standards. Most importantly, sales goals for the entire first year of product introduction were achieved three months after the initial launch.