Smart Nitrogen

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Our goal: to create a foundation for Nutrien’s ESN Smart Nitrogen brand awareness and put the “smart” back into Smart Nitrogen.

AdFarm created the ESN Smart Network, a series of cutting-edge online platforms optimized for tablet and handheld use as a hub for articles, videos and facts on a wide range of topics. The platform also marked an exciting first: an ESN product-specific Twitter feed which allows us to engage directly with top growers, customers, retailers and crop experts.

A large portion of traffic to the sites now comes from unpaid, organic searches.

Highlights of AdFarm’s work on the ESN Smart Network include:

  • More than 700 organic followers on @SmartNitrogen
  • Monthly social content creation and day-to-day platform management
  • Creation and development of, and, consistently updated with the latest industry news, product information and facts from the field

Website Development

Everything we do is about building relationships and earning the respect of our partners and their internal teams.

Nutrien’s ESN Smart Nitrogen is the only polymer-coated, controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer available to growers and as such holds a unique position in the market. While this product has proven successful, challenges include consumer misperception of cost, application rates and how it works to deliver nitrogen throughout the growing season.

As Nutrien’s preferred agency for the past six years, AdFarm has successfully collaborated with the client and key regional staff to design and implement integrated communications plans that have grown product sales year over year.

Our partnership with Nutrien is based on a shared understanding of where and how we can each provide the most impact. We conduct annual strategic communications planning sessions that clearly outline objectives, tactics and accountabilities. Our internal account services team meets weekly for status updates and interacts with the client on a daily basis.

Based on client feedback from sales representatives and Nutrien directors, AdFarm has once again been renewed as the client’s agency of choice.

We have built a central hub of digital properties to support the messaging in market and delivering on “smart”. is the central location for all product information and tools to calculate impact on farm. is core to the science behind Smart Nitrogen and for our grower to grower communications.

All social and display drive to the sites depending on where they have identified the customer in their journey.

In the past month we’ve had 2,468 separate visitors to the ESN website framework.

  • 434 to Smart Talk
  • 167 to Smart Grower
  • 1,867 to Smart Nitrogen

Since the launch of the new website, and new framework, we’ve had 51,908 separate visitors to the ESN website framework.

  • 8,759 to Smart Talk
  • 2,972 to Smart Grower
  • 40,177 to Smart Nitrogen

Highlights of our successful partnership include:

  • Being selected to develop and operate the first Twitter account for Nutrien corporate
  • Acquiring more than 1,400 organic followers on @SmartNitrogen since its launch in 2015
  • Recipient of Best of CAMA 2016 Award—Certificate of Merit: Podcasts
  • More than 60 earned media hits in 2016
  • Successful coordination of 40 radio interviews at NAFB 2016